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Home Advantage provides inventories, check-ins, check-outs and property inspections to private landlords, letting agents and developers.

Inventories are very detailed listings of the content and the (cosmetic) condition of rented accommodation, and are essential documents for both landlord and tenant. Home Advantage provides an independent service which protects both parties' interest should any disputes arise at the end of a tenancy about the state of a rented property.

Inventories are still by some landlords and tenants considered unnecessary... until the time comes that they wish they had one.

The inventory of a rental property is the second most important document after the rental agreement. It lists, in great detail, the content and (cosmetic) condition of a property, and is compiled whilst the property is vacant.

A check-in is done against the inventory when the tenant moves in, and a check-out when the same tenant moves out. If, judging by the inventory and check-in sheet, there is a deterioration in the state of the property that is beyond normal wear and tear, the landlord is entitled to withhold a justified sum from the tenant's deposit.

Disputes arise when landlord and tenant disagree about the original condition of the property or what can be considered an acceptable degree of deterioration. The inventory, made by an independent party, is under those circumstances the only tool both landlord and tenant have to determine what can and can not be considered fair and reasonable.

In those few unfortunate situations where the issue isn't settled amicably and either landlord or tenant feel they need to take legal action, the inventory can be worth its weight in gold, especially given its relatively minor cost.

To order an inventory on your property, please call us on 01582 763610 or email homeadvantage@hotmail.co.uk.

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